Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekend Halloween Bash

Please join to find out how you can be involved in these chats, read great excerpts, see amazing covers, learn about your favorite authors and publishers, and win some treats!

October 30, 2009
9AM-10AM: Tabitaha Shay
10AM-11AM: Christina Rose
11AM-Noon: P.G. Forte
Noon-1PM: Camille Anthony
1PM-2PM: Ericka Scott
2PM-3PM: Elle Parker
3PM-4PM: Sapphire Phelan
4PM-5PM: Ilona Fridl
6PM-7PM: Lori Brighton
7PM-8PM: Lisa Troy
8PM-9PM: Nicole Zoltack
9PM-10PM: Larriane Barnard
10PM-11PM: Jessica Lee
11PM-Midnight: OPEN

October 31, 2009 Happy Halloween
9AM-10AM: Sherry Derr-Wille
10AM-11AM: Sandra Cox
11AM-Noon: Kerri Nelson
Noon-1PM: Megan Hussey
1PM-2PM: Rob Shelsky
2PM-3PM: Eve Alexis
3PM-4PM: Margie Church
4PM-5PM: Bev Haynes and Jewel Cox
5PM-6PM: Marc Nobbs
6PM-7PM: TWRP-Faery and Black Rose Authors
7PM-8PM: Maggie Rivers
8PM-9PM: Open
9PM-10PM: Lex Valentine HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEX!!!
10PM-11PM: Viv Arend
11PM-Midnight: Bryl Tyne

Novmeber 1, 2009
9AM-10AM: Sandra Sullivan
10AM-11AM: Jeanne St. James
11Am-Noon: Anne Kane
Noon-1PM: P.L. Parker
1PM-2PM: DCL Publishing
2PM-3PM: Julia Knight
3PM-4PM: Jianne Carlo
4PM-5PM: Olivia Starke
5PM-6PM: Selena Illyriz
6PM-7PM: Mallary Mitchell
7PM-8PM: Pam Champagne
8PM-9PM: Savannah Chase
9PM-1oPM: Sierra Dafoe
10PM-11PM: Mary Winter
11PM-Midnight: OPEN

If you see an open time and you would like to participate join and email us at

We hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chat Times and Links for October 29th

All times are Eastern!

October 29, 2009
9AM-10AM: Sandy Marshall
Chat link:
Sandy Promotion Coordinator @
Eirelander Publishing

Noon-1PM: Liena Ferror
Chat link: http://tinychat/lienashauntinghalloweenchat

1PM-2PM: Nina Pierce

4PM-5PM: Erin Nicholas
No Matter What, e-release Nov 3rd, Samhain Publishing

6PM-7PM: HOF Authors
Chat Link:

7PM-8PM: Valerie Patterson

8PM-9PM: HOF Publishing
Chat Link:

9PM-10PM: HOF Authors
Chat Link:

10PM-11OM: Annie Freeman


Thursday, October 15, 2009

In Celebration of Halloween

Mistress Bella’s First Annual Halloween Writing Contest

Open to published and unpublished writers
Open to members and non-members of Mistress Bella
Halloween Stories ranging from 1000-2000 words
We will have a panel of judges as well as a poll for readers to determine the winner.
If you want art or pictures with your story please email that to us with your story.
Before submitting your story, make sure it’s polished and your very best work.
The stories MUST be original works (never before been published)
No restrictions on stories
Must be romance

We are also in need of judges. There will be two categories for the stories, published and unpublished authors. If you are a published author and wish to submit a story and also be a judge, you will be able to judge the unpublished stories.

Now let's talk about prizes... A big prize for each first place winner and 2nd and 3rd place winners won't be left out either! The prizes are still being offered to us, and include a professional cover for a free read from Lex Valentine, a line edit by Becca Dale, a critique from Valerie Mann, costume jewelry, free books, and much more.

Deadline for stories is midnight October 28th. The winners will be announced on October 31.

Please submit your stories to

If you have any questions, want to be a judge or donate a prize please email us at

Mistress Bella

Just FYI: We will be hosting writing contests for Thanksgiving and Christmas!